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About me









Art has been a slow but sure evolution in my life. From early on, I was always spatially aware, in awe of nature and in love with color. My first piece of art was an oil abstract done on a lark in the 1960's. That was a one-and-only stab at art until it began to creep into my life when I studied Interior Design in the early 1980's and discovered the wonders of texture, composition and contrast. Contrast, color, and nature are key to life for me and make our world so amazing.

In the late 1990's, I began to volunteer in a program teaching contemporary art to 3rd grade children. This was the start of my current passion for art and photography. I discovered a new treasure trove of information about art, artists and myself. As well as loving art, I actually love teaching! I began to immerse myself in a “home study” of art and, in 2003, I took my first art class - a week-long collage intensive – which opened the world of making art to me. From collage, I’ve expanded to watercolor, using strong colors, contrast and (mostly) abstraction. I also “play” with acrylics, oils, mixed media, pastels, enamel and glass. My work is intuitive and instinctive – for me art just has to happen.

With the advent of the digital camera, I discovered photography. Wow, to be able to take as many photos as you want without worrying about the cost of film and developing is amazing. Then came my introduction into Photoshop and lots of time spent “playing around.” I began to delve into the making of digital art, again focusing primarily on abstraction using color to the nth degree. All my digital works originate from my own “straight” photographs, but what happens to them after that is some form of magic that occurs between me and my computer. Neither one of us could do it without the other and duplicating a work is totally impossible because each piece becomes a very magical, intuitive “event”.

I still consider myself a novice and love the “chase” of attaining as much knowledge of art as fast as I can so that it absorbs itself into my skin and comes out of my pores, hopefully, in the form of beautiful art.